Colosseums to Stadiums

Colosseum Rome ItalyWhile these American gladiators are getting ready to faceoff in a much anticipated – but unusually “deflated” – Super Bowl XLIX, we’re taking a moment to journey over to Rome, Italy where the world’s first gladiators took the “field” nearly two thousands years ago in the Roman Colosseum.

Built in A.D. 70-72, the Colosseum was a gift to the Roman people from Emperor Vespasian, who decreed the construction of a “new amphitheater where the public could enjoy gladiatorial combats and other forms of entertainment.” Read more

Super Dishes for the Super Bowl

superbowl appetizer ideas

Try our “Super” dishes for the Super Bowl, including recipes for corn dip, homemade chicken tenders, and “super” chili for hot dogs, chile, cheese and fries!

Nearly 13 years ago, on February 3, 2002, the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams took the field at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans for Super Bowl XXXVI.

It was nearly 5 months after the September 11th attacks and, after a powerful rendition of the National Anthem from Mariah Carey and coin toss by George Bush and Roger Staubach, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a 20-17 victory that, in many ways, symbolized America’s resilience, strength and determination. Read more

American Gladiators

Deflategate New England Patriots “In addition to the hopes and dreams of his team, the quarterback carries the flag for entire cities, regions, and metaphorically, ways of life,” writes Kofi Bofah in his article from Wall St. Cheat Sheet, “The 10 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All Time” (December 2014). He continues:

“The pressure is unreal, considering the fact that sports-obsessed Americans look to the gridiron gladiator strength, controlled violence, and an escape from the routine fare of the daily grind. The quarterback is viewed as the one member of the entourage that combines leadership, intelligence, and strategic thought alongside brute force to control games and emerge victorious…

“…Sports fans, of course, recognize that the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time emerge as icons that define cities, dynasties, and eras…indeed, the term “Quarterback” entices the imagination to personify ‘all that is right’ with America.”

It is in the spirit of excitement and anticipation of Super Bowl XLIX that we put forth ATG’s top quarterback picks from the past, followed by our favorite quotes of theirs: Read more