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Welcome to All Things Good (ATG)! We’re a mother and daughter blogging team dedicated to revealing the inspiration found in the good and beautiful things of this world. We believe that life should be lived deliberatively, creatively and thoughtfully and strive to share ideas, resources, stories, and opinions that are meaningful, substantial and relevant. We hope you’ll join us on our journey of seeking “All Things Good”!
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Our Story

The CreatorsOur story begins years ago, while riding a tandem bicycle on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Nearly three years old, I sat on the back seat as my mother, Jennifer, peddled for the two of us (and continued peddling year after year, for the next twenty years, on the exact same tandem).

Since then, our passion for learning, discovery, and travel has led us on many different adventures, including (but not limited to): 10 years of running the annual Tufts 10K race in Boston, ferry rides to Martha’s Vineyard, pedicab rides in New York City, trolley rides in Ogunquit, Maine, bike rides along the New England coast, a two mile climb (under an Italian portico conisting of 666 arches) to the San Luca sanctuary in Bologna, and an unforgettable train ride to Florence during our trip in Italy five years ago.

It is through our experiences and adventures that we—as mother and daughter and true friends—have become inspired to seek “all things good,” not only in our daily lives, but also in the world at large. All Things Good is a product of our desire to live deliberatively, creatively, and thoughtfully with the hope of illuminating all of the good in the world.

 *Please note that, unless otherwise cited, all pictures throughout the site are our original photographs.

Katharine Rose

KATHARINE R. ROSE has a variety of professional and corporate writing experience, having worked in the reporting, publishing and public relations fields. She is currently the Senior Content Manager at Treehouse Technology Group, a technology services and software development company that she founded with her brothers. Prior to that, she worked as an Associate and Senior Associate at STARKMAN, a full-service corporate PR firm in New York City.

Katharine holds a B.A. in History and minor in Italian from College of the Holy Cross and completed a graduate publishing course at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She loves “all things Italian” and has made several trips to Italy, where she has enjoyed traveling, studying and speaking Italiano – una lingua bellissima!

Katharine’s work has appeared in the On Being blog and The Huffington Post.

2019 update: Katharine has since started a new blog at www.theinwardturn.com.