A Cup of Hot Coffee and Brownie To Go, Please

easy brownie recipeSometimes, or once in a Super Moon, when there is much to be done and you need to boost a sluggish afternoon body, there is nothing better than a bite of a warm, homemade brownie and a sip or two of hot coffee to help you get to the finish line of “a day well lived.”

Below please find the recipe for a very delicious, rich chocolate brownie from one of our favorite bakeries, The Standard Baking Co., in Portland, Maine – a “bakery without spin” where “…you won’t find art work on the walls, fancy coffee drinks or deli sandwiches.” Instead, “the bread and pastry sell themselves.”

How? Simply put, “The Standard isn’t a brand, it’s a philosophy,” writes Jane Newkirk in The Standard Baking Co.’s book, Pastries. Read more