October: Season of All Things Apples and Pumpkins

apple cider doughnuts recipe

Apples are “intrinsically connected to human history,” writes Amy Traverso in The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.  A lifelong lover of apples and food editor of Yankee Magazine, Traverso’s apple cookbook offers a wide range of recipes from Pan-Seared Salmon with Cider-Glazed Onions to Baked Apple Oatmeal Pudding.

“I saw the lush beauty of an orchard at full fruit, and understood why so much early literature, from the Bible to Greek and Scandinavian mythology, equates the orchard with Paradise itself,” she writes. “To me, an apple farm in September or October represents everything that is inspiring in nature – its abundance and sweetness – and strikes me as a spiritual setting as much as any church or temple.” Read more