Chia Seed Pudding: An Easy & Nutritious Morning Meal

Chia seed pudding recipeMornings are often spent on autopilot. Getting out of the door on time is enough of a challenge – but having a good breakfast doesn’t have to be one, too.

Rather than skipping the morning meal entirely or grabbing something on the go, chia seed pudding is a super easy, tasty, and nutritious option that can be prepped in minutes the night before. Chia seeds are mixed with milk (non-dairy works perfectly well, too) and left in the fridge overnight. The tiny seeds absorb the liquid and plump up like tapioca with a very similar texture. Read more

Have Your Drink and Eat It, Too

Chocolate cupcake recipe
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Murray

St. Paddy’s Day may be over, but there’s no way I’m waiting another year to make Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes – they’re just too good.

The deliciously moist Guinness chocolate cake, smooth whiskey ganache filling, and rich Bailey’s buttercream frosting made for one spectacular and “boozy” dessert. If you’ve ever tasted an Irish car bomb, then you know these flavors work well together – the sum becoming something greater than its parts. Read more