Cata: Teeming with Tapas and Tonic

Cata Restaurant Review“Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor,” the English poet William Cowper once said. And variety and flavor are certainly what you’ll find at Cata – a tapas restaurant located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan that opened in September 2012.

Offering a unique combination of tapas – including deviled eggs with fried oysters – and a drink menu featuring twenty-two different types of gin and tonics – each made with a different gin – it is easy to see why this has become a popular destination, receiving not one, but two, favorable reviews in the New York Times (see here and here).

Cata’s menu is wide, varied and full of flavor, including everything from chickpea fritters, quail eggs benedicts and curried cauliflower couscous to raw and baked oysters, duck ravioli and smoked lamb ribs.

Each drink is mixed and matched with a variety of tonics, including Schweppes, Fever Tee and Q, among others. Examples include “the cinnamon” – made with Hayman’s gin, Fever Tree and a stick of cinnamon; “the kaffir lime” – made with Farmer’s Organic gin, Fever Tree and leaves; and the “grapefruit” – made with Bluecoat gin from Philadelphia, White Rock tonic and fresh citrus. A particular favorite? “The Lavender.”

Quench your thirst this holiday season by indulging in Cata’s wide variety of cocktail and culinary offerings. For more information, visit their website here:

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