The Virtue of “Early Rising”

Bran muffin recipeIn keeping with our celebration of Mother’s Day, below is a reflection on First Lady and Mother Martha Washington, followed by recipes for a special Mother’s Day brunch (muffins, grapefruit and avocado salad, curried carrot coconut soup, easy curried chicken and grandma’s southern coconut cake).

“As with the commander of an army, or the leader of any enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a house”, wrote Isabella Beeton (1836-1865), an English woman concerned with the critical importance of the art of “making” and “keeping” a comfortable home.

In her book The Campaign for Domestic Happiness (1861), she describes all of the virtues, etiquette and duties that are essential formanaging a home with excellence, along with recommendations on everything from a suitable wardrobe to the treatment and pay of “domestic help.”

A particular favorite of mine is the importance of “early rising.” Ms. Beeton writes:

“Early rising is one of the most essential qualities which enter into good Household Management…when a mistress is an early riser, it is almost certain that her house will be orderly and well-managed.” Read more

Make Way For Mothers*

Make Way for Ducklings StoryIf you had to choose one word to describe your mother, what would it be? How about one piece of advice she has given you that has always stuck with you or influenced you in some way?

These are the questions I recently posed to a large group of family and friends, in anticipation of writing a piece commemorating the Mother’s Day holiday – a day dedicated to honoring and respecting all mothers, celebrating motherhood and expressing gratitude and appreciation for all the things, both big and small, our mothers did, have done or continue to do for us throughout our life. Read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Words of WisdomIn honor of all mothers and in celebration of Mother’s Day, ATG shares below a sampling of words used to describe mothers and motherly advice or wisdom recalled by daughters and sons in their very own words.
Laura O. says:

The one word I would use to describe my mother is:


The one phrase that has left an impression:

“Make it a great day!”

My mother said this to us before we went to school every day growing up, and now she sends me a text in the mornings, “MIAGD!” for short.

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