ATG’s Thinker Thoughts: “Civil Discourse”

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This week’s Thinker Thoughts comes from the piece in the Wall Street Journal (May 30, 2017): “Civil Discourse in Decline: Where Does It End?” (available online with subscription only) by Gerald F. Seib:

Politeness, decorum, respect–all seem to be endangered ideas. Anybody who isn’t troubled isn’t really paying attention. The consequences of this trend are real, and visible everyday in Washington and in state capitals…

More than that, though, the trend has spread more widely in society. Athletes ostentatiously celebrate their achievements–even the most routine ones–by mocking their opponents. It used to be called bad sportsmanship. It’s now normal. One is left to wonder: What kind of behavior is society modeling for its youngest members?…

The bigger question may be: What can be done about it?…’The first thing is to recognize that it’s a problem,’ [says Father John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame]. ‘My worry is that conversation has deteriorated to a point where we’ve just become accustomed to it.'”

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